AMI Will Be Installed To Reduce National Power Losses: Minister

Engineer Khurram Dastgir, the minister for power, stated on Friday that the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will be installed by the end of the current fiscal year and would contribute in reducing the nation’s power losses.

In response to inquiries on the National Assembly floor, he stated that this approach was employed in developed nations and was having a favourable impact on both the firm and the customers.

According to the minister, it will also aid in reducing electricity theft, which is prevalent throughout the nation and is carried out through the “Kunda System.” According to him, the implementation of this new metering system will significantly alter the way power is distributed and also bring relief to consumers by minimising load shedding in their particular locations.

According to him, load-shedding typically lasted eight hours, especially in places where 60 to 70 per cent of bills went unpaid. However, he claimed that nowadays, when the situation with electricity is better, load-shedding lasts just four to six hours.

He added that it was government policy for places where the ratio of losses was low to experience brief periods of load-shedding. MNA Ghullam Ali Talpur expressed doubts about the new metering system, stating that the Power Division has conducted a number of tests up to this point without being able to achieve the intended outcomes. The division in question, he claimed, had attempted to establish ABC cable networking across the nation before implementing the AMI system, but it had failed despite receiving significant funding from the national exchequer.

In response to the MNA, the minister shared his concerns and stated that the cable networking project failed for a variety of reasons. He expressed the hope that the AMI system would make it apparent how much electricity was being used and how much was being stolen from the feeder. He said that it would also raise the caliber of the billing system by resolving the issue of deduction bills, which were being imposed on customers in various parts of the nation unnecessarily and illegally. The minister establish a “complaint cell” at the Ministry level in order to promptly address the complaints of customers after complaining about the deducted bills.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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