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Abnormal Hike in the Price of LPG in Pakistan

A price increase of Rs. 50/- per kilogram of LPG has been imposed in Pakistan as of this month

In Pakistan, millions of people use domestic gas cylinders to meet their daily needs for cooking and other domestic use. As the weather gets cold, these cylinders are also used for heating equipment to normalize the temperature. LPG is the only alternative to Natural Gas, especially in winter when the gas load shedding begins. It is also expensive compared to natural gas and has low pressure.

LPG is used not only for cooking or other domestic use but also as a fuel for auto vehicles. That is the reason that OGRA analyzes and controls the prices of LPG on a monthly basis and sets them according to international prices. These prices are implemented after the approval of the Government of Pakistan all over the country. Every shopkeeper must sell the gas at the officially notified prices. If anyone charges more than that, the government officials took strict action against them.

We reported today an abnormal hike in the prices of LPG cylinders which affects people’s daily lives badly. The cylinder contains Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) that helps domestic and commercial users meet their daily requirements. There is a hike of Rs. 50 per KG, which results in the per KG price of LPG being Rs. 250/- whereas the OGRA decided price per KG is Rs. 204/- for January 2023. After this hike, the price of the domestic LPG cylinder reaches Rs. 3,000/-, and the commercial cylinders reach Rs. 11,350/-.

The Chairman of the Distribution Association, Mr. Irfan Khokar, claims that the shopkeepers sell the LPG at their set prices, which is unacceptable. If the government does not control the prices and take strict action against the mafia, then we will protest. He added that this hike would directly affect the people living below the average and also increase robberies which would destroy the country’s image. So, the government should take the proper measures to reduce LPG prices as per OGRA notification.

The officially notified OGRA’s prices of LPG in the last six months are listed below:

Sr. #

       Notification Date      

 Rs. Per 11.8KG Cylinder  

Rs. Per KG


January 01, 2023




December 01, 2022




November 01, 2022




October 01, 2022




September 01, 2022




August 01, 2022



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As you have seen, the table shows that the official prices of LPG do not exceed the maximum of Rs. 218 per KG, but the mafia sells the gas at their prices which led to the government’s failure of not implement the OGRA prices. The poor people do not bear this hike and cannot feed their families three times a day. This will also affect the economy, and the prices of other commodities will also increase.

The Government of Pakistan should set a clear SOP for selling LPG in the country so that the end user will get the gas at OGRA’s notified prices. This step reduces the burden, and the people will feed their families properly. It also helps the users of auto vehicles like Cars, Vans, Auto Rikhshawa, etc.. to get their vehicle fuel at low prices.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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