A Man Consumes The Ten Hottest Peppers In The World In 33 Seconds.

According to the world record holder, the experience was similar to eating charcoal “as soon as possible.”

According to Guinness World Records, a man from the United States set the record for the quickest time to consume the Carolina Reaper chillies, which are among the hottest peppers.

Californian Gregory Foster finished all the peppers in in 33.15 seconds. Interesting enough, the man ate three Carolina Reapers in 8.72 seconds, breaking his own record from nine months prior.

According to GWR, Foster broke the record on September 17. The Reapers are reputed to be the spiciest peppers in the world, according to the outlet’s website. They are superior to other peppers like jalapenos and ghost peppers.

Experts quantify how spicy a pepper actually is using Scoville Heat Units. They evaluate the amount of specific chemical compounds in the chilies that cause the heat.

The Carolina Reapers have a Scoville heat rating of 1,641,183, according to GWR.

Foster is an authority in chiles and also the owner of a spicy sauce firm. On his farms, he raises chillies. He said to GWR that “it’s the passion of agony, I believe.”

According to the world record holder, the sensation was similar to “consuming charcoal as soon as possible.”

The record-keeping outlet quoted him as stating, “This is the one part of the job that I loathe.” But it’s the one aspect of the work that everyone else finds the most entertaining.

Foster recommended those interested in participating in similar competitions to carry milk and ice cream with them when practising or pulling off the feat.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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