A 50-Year-Old Woman Breaks The World Record By Jumping 23 Times From A Height Of Almost 700 Feet

The world was surprised when a 50-year-old woman broke the record for the most bungee jumps in an hour by doing 23 jumps in an hour, or one every two minutes.

With a 20-metre cord strapped around her waist, Linda Potgieter set a new record for the most bungee jumps in an hour outside.

The daring woman leaped off Bloukrans Bridge, the tallest bridge in South Africa. The bridge spans the Bloukrans River at a height of 216 metres (708.6 ft).

A record that had stood for over 20 years was broken by Linda. At the same bridge, Veronica Dean, a South African woman, set the record 19 years prior.

In order to attempt to break the record, Linda had to train for a time. She worked out and trained for the jumps with Eugene Eloff.

According to a Guinness World Records article, Eloff claimed that Linda’s mentality, rather than her physical abilities, was the greatest problem.

He was quoted as saying, “The battle was 90% mental and 1% physical.”

On the day of her formal try, Linda reportedly displayed “no hesitancy,” according to GWR.

Her one-hour timer started as she jumped off the platform and hurtled toward the river below with her arms spread wide like an eagle, according to the record-keeping business.

When Linda finished her tenth jump at the 23rd minute, she was also ready to smash the previous record and write history with a shocking new one.

She did such a sport with ease at the age of 50. Above-average cardiovascular fitness and significant amounts of core strength are also necessary for bungee jumping. She surprised the onlookers by jumping continuously at such a great height.


She had been exhausted from the high altitude and constant jumping, but adrenaline kept her going, according to GWR.

GWR further stated that Linda had trouble standing up after breaking the record. She was, however, adamant that she would carry on and give it her all. Linda finished her final jump, number 23, with only a minute left.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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