2023 First Polio Virus Case

The first case of polio case of 2023 was recently reported by health minister of Pakistan from Bannu Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

First Polio Case of 2023

An unlucky child from Bannu KPK is suffering from polio crippling. Federal health minister had a meeting with his team to follow steps and guidelines to make our Pakistan Polio free.

While Doctor Shahzad Baig NEOC head, said that “they are trying to verify it if the child had been vaccinated or the parents declined Vaccination.

This is may be a mistake from the parents who do not want their child to be vaccinated against polio viruses.

And this was the first case of 2023 after a while.

Furthermore Doctor Shahzad Baig said that “There existing seven districts in Southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where the virus is more dominant. Including Dera Ismail Khan, Lakki Marwat, Tank, Bannu and South Waziristan.

The first case of three year old child is reported during analyse of FAD in Pakistan.

FAD is French Agency for Development and with FAD bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are analysing the current health situation.

It has been reported that FAD and BMGF had a meeting with health minister of Pakistan on Friday about the current health situation and they said that they are available to examine routes for teamwork in social protection and health, with emphasis on polio virus.

Doctor Shahzad Baig only reported to make sure whether the child was vaccinated or not, but it is confirmed that the child is effected by polio virus and it is responsibility of the team to investigate for future problems as it will help them to fight any conditions in future

Health minister has given a message on the back of the expected activities from tribal districts to urban areas during the days of Ramazan and Eid.

They are trying to start their mission to vaccinated all children’s from April 10 2023.

In 2022, with all twenty cases coming from districts of Southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) the area became the centre of infectious diseases. Two reports of two cases came from Lakki Marwat, One case from South Waziristan, and seventeen cases were from North Waziristan.

Even though a polio campaign was conducted in March in from Sindh, Punjab, and Islamabad but unfortunately because of some security reasons they were unable to cover the area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and even Baluchistan.

But we salute to the polio team who are working day and night to make our country polio free even in such cases where the fathers are unaware of polio virus.

The detection of poliovirus in three year old boy with crippling disease is really a bad news for all of us.

Crippling Disease

When a person joints are affected with polio virus then he is not able to walk, run and do any heavy work. Crippling disease has an impact on physical body of person, joints and even nerves.

Arthritis is one of the examples of crippling disease in which a person feel difficult to walk and pain in joints.

Other symptoms of crippling disease are muscles weakness which cause a person to not sleep proper.

In 2023, the first wild poliovirus was confirmed in Pakistan and it was confirmed by Abdul Qadir Patel (Minister for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination)

Yet, the virus has been occasionally noticed in its sewage water and the virus found in Gulshan e Ravi is linked to Afghanistan from last November he said.

In his report he said that both countries are united to fight against polio virus and any other disease.

But it is related to health of our community so that it is responsibility for all of us to aware all people about polio virus and tell them to take the polio dose and vaccination.


Most of people are unaware that is why in past some unknown persons attacked the polio team to stop this mission. It was reported on 2022 that three members of polio team were killed in North Waziristan and the result you can see that the most of polio cases are coming from these sites.

Wild polio paralyzed many children in our country, and unfortunately all of the cases are from Waziristan.

When the polio team die no body take any action, The UNICEF said that “the polio team are our heroes who work selflessly.”

It was a shameful moment for each Pakistani that the people from across boarder were surprised of the ignorance.

Anyways it is important to aware every one and each person to make your child polio free because it is a crippling disease that affects human nervous system and make your child unable to walk. We need to make the whole region polio free and it is our aim to help government and polio worker to do their work peacefully without any hesitation and fear.

Written by Piyar Ali

I began my writing career as a freelancer on different websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. I am most interested in writing about Science, Health, and International News. All of my articles are well-researched and based on reliable sources.